Thanksgiving Countdown

Saturday October 17th we begin a 40 day countdown to Thanksgiving Day.

Instead of a good ole paper chain, we fashioned a make-shift tree in our dining room. Each day we plan to lift one leaf off the tree to write one thing we are grateful for on it before we relocate it to the bottom of the trunk. By day 40 we will have a bare tree and a pile of grateful leaves to read during our Thanksgiving feast. 

I free-handed the tree and our kids painted and colored leaves from a template I found after googling "leaf template". We taped everything up with painter’s tape and hope it's still standing tomorrow. The little chalkboard sign is my favorite part, squeal... 

Will you join us? Here are two ways:

1. Make a countdown tree of your own. Enjoy it at home or at the office. Send photos! I want to see your creations!


2. Comment with one new thing that you are grateful for on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag: #ThanksgivingCountdown



P.S. Giving thanks has been scientifically proven to elevate personal happiness and overall well being. Join us and get your happy on ;)