When Peace Shatters Into Pieces

The day was shot before I could even change out of my pajamas.

Bad dreams.
A painful phone call.
A negative pregnancy test.

Some mornings you just want to go back to bed. Begin again.

We were on vacation to celebrate Thanksgiving with extended family. We got to stay at one of my favorite places of all - a beach home called “Pax Pater” meaning Place of Peace. But here I was...peace-vacant.

Oh Jesus save.

With glossy eyes, I stepped downstairs still in my pajamas and began preparing breakfast. While I banged around looking for the right pot to cook some oatmeal, I noticed my two year old, Charis, banging around a glass votive from a candle display.

Before I could intervene... (To read more, click here where this piece was featured today on "Blogs By Christian Women")

 One truth we all need to know...

One truth we all need to know...

*CREDIT: "Smashed Car Window" Photo by Net_Efekt: http://bit.ly/1sRQtbn, Text added with permission: Cheree Hayes

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