Forcing Your Toddler to Share? 5 Alternatives.

"It's mine"
"No, I had it first"
"But I was playing with it"

They pull the coveted toy, back and forth. 
It’s a full out tug-a-war with no foreseeable truce.
Exhale. So now what?

Well, there’s lots of “what’s” that work. Most of what I’ve seen and used in the past eventually leads to some version of forcing a kiddo to share - and while this isn’t bad, I’ve wondered if maybe there was a better…or at least more creative alternative (I get bored of being bossy, I guess).  

You and I both see that forcing behaviors can change some things, but we also realize it cannot change a heart. Worse, eliminating choice and forcing our wills upon our kids, often leads to aggravated little hearts - sabotaging our truest desires.

In this case, at least on our best days - our desire is to nurture our kid’s hearts to understand the value of sharing to encourage them to choose it for themselves. Our hope is to appeal to their hearts, ‘cause we see that the heart of the matter - matters most.   

So with that same hope, here is my amateurish attempt at 5 alternatives that provide our home with creative options to engage our kids...encourage their critical thinking...and empower our truest desires.

These have worked well for our family, so I thought it might be worth “sharing” (ba-dum-ching)...
[Click here to find the list of 5 alternatives at Toni's blog, where this post was guest-featured today]

These actually work! 5 creative ways to encourage your toddlers to share :)

These actually work! 5 creative ways to encourage your toddlers to share :)