Inspired by Mayhem's Paper Dresses (Part 1)

A few months ago I spied something sensational...a picture of an adorable little girl wearing a paper dress.

I learned she goes by the alias, "Mayhem" and you can find her all over the web in dresses made of construction paper, athletic tape, Christmas wrap, and tissue.

Immediately, I knew my own little fashionista would be inspired by Mayhem’s masterpieces. DeCelie would request paper. She’d ask for help reaching the scissors. She'd want to get started right away. Charis - who cares more about puzzles, books and sports - would cheer her sister on and find all of this so amusing.

Together we’d have a ball making wearable art.

So the next day while Isaiah napped and Charis played with her favorite things, we scavenged for materials we had on hand and got started.

DeCelie chose the neckline style and which ribbons she desired (all of them, as it turned out). She recruited help painting all the rectangles and gave us orders to paint each block only one color. It didn’t matter the color as long as the watercolors were not mixed. Her vision was fixed. And she was determined to complete this task in one sitting.

I taped everything together and before Isaiah woke up the girls were ready for the runway...

We had so much fun, a week didn't go by before we made another paper dress.

Inspired by Lupita N’yong’o’s 2014 Oscar gown, it turned out fantastic...
though the process was a famous fiasco

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