Inspired by Mayhem's Paper Dresses (Part 2)

DeCelie jumped up and down, excited to make another "paper dress".
Our first get-up was so fun, I was quick to agree.
Yes. We absolutely must.

Inspired by some of the fashion I saw at the Oscars, I Googled an image of Lupita Nyong'o in her gorgeous, pale blue, designer gown and asked DeCelie what she thought.

"Her skin is brown like mine, kinda!" she said, eyes bright. "Her dress is sooo pretty!"

And at that, we began.

We only had white tissue paper. And since I was reluctant to go to the store for a light blue variety, I dug through my acrylic paints.

“We will paint the tissue paper,” I a lunatic.

Yes...for alien reasons, incoherent to humanity, I lobotomized all my good sense that morning and decided we should paint. the. tissue. paper.

How hard could it be? The article I Googled made it sound so easy.


I considered suing the author of that site after the tissue paper ripped a grand total of one thousand times. And after rip #1,001...I was on the phone with my pretend lawyer. My eye was twitching. I could not go on...

“We might need to scratch this," I exhaled. DeCelie put her paintbrush down and literally scratched the paper. I slapped my hand to my forehead. Noticing my expression, Charis shouted with enthusiasm, "Don't give up Momma!" And seriously, after that...what choice had I?

I found my perseverance.
Released perfectionism.
And kept on...

The paint dried, Charis added glitter and we repaired all the tears with clear tape. My twitch went away. Hair was prepped. Clip-on accessories were applied.

And now, everything was ready for the big red carpet moment…

Left:  Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscars,   Photo: Rex  /  Right: Daughter in Paper Replica #inspiredbymayhem

Left: Lupita Nyong'o at the Oscars, Photo: Rex  /  Right: Daughter in Paper Replica #inspiredbymayhem

DeCelie danced in the dress until the train ripped off. By the time it was sister’s turn, the gown was nearly half of what it was to begin with…but regardless, Charis wore it proud. 

Even though the dress lasted only minutes upon completion, I can honestly say it was worth the effort.

I got to see the girls persevere and inspire Momma to do the same.

And wow, to see them so giddy and glamorous in their finished product?

...Oh yes, it was worth every rip and twitch.

* * * 
But would I do it again? Mmm...uhh...

Well, actually...we did. Yes. Eventually, I recovered from this fantastic fiasco and caved in to my daughter's enthusiastic requests to make another.