Jesus Sees Us Everywhere?

“Mom? Jesus sees us everywhere?”

Curious to find the “blue” from which the question came, I glanced back at her through the rear view mirror. Her neck was stretched out as she sought to catch the full scenic view from her car seat. I looked out too. The grey horizon canvas. The blurry trees and cars.

“Under the covers?”

I gave up searching for a contextual cue and answered, “Yes, under the covers. God sees us everywhere, sweetheart.”

“Yep, under the covers…under the table…in the ‘frigerator…outside…He is everywhere!”

I smiled agreeing, “Yes! Yes He is.”

The quiet hum of the car returned. And I pondered.

Our God is a God who sees everything. Everywhere.

I drove, mouth gaped and mind wrestling, trying to fathom. I thought about the word omnipresence and how its bigness might steal some of the wonder…the big wonder I sensed in that moment.

We came to a stop and I put on the blinker. A silent simple prayer came with the turn,  “Thank You Lord”.

I don’t remember where we were going that day. But on the way there my heart got somewhere memorable…

to a place of worship and awe,

a place of seeking the God who sees.