Inspired by Mayhem's Paper Dresses (Part 3 Birthday Style)

I was still traumatized from the “painting-the-tissue-paper-fiasco”. So when DeCelie asked to make another paper dress (the very next day), I sort of went into fight or flight mode before coming to my senses…

“Tell ya what, on your fourth birthday we will make another dress. It will be so fun!”

She seemed happy about that...and with her birthday still a month away, I now had a chance to recover.

The paper dress became the subject of conversation nearly every day following.

The dress would need purple gloves,
a pink stripe down the middle,  
and flowers on the top.
“Like a princess. Don't forget...K, mom?”

She had it all drawn out.  And soon all her plans would be realized.

In preparation, I was sure to buy colored tissue way would we be painting the white stuff this time. And on the eve of her celebration day, D'Arcy (my husband) and I decided to decorate the house with cheap birthday stuff while the kids snored unsuspecting.

I could see his inner boy glow as he imagined her surprise. “She’s gonna be so excited,” he said, giddy.

Soon enough our simple “drape the entry way with a few balloons,” spiraled into sprinkling nearly every square foot of the house with a splash of birthday-whimsy.

In the morning, freshly four years old, she woke up to a ceiling loaded with streamers and birthday string. “Whoa,” she whispered, “Momma, what’s this this for my birthday?” She slowly descended down the hallway in awe, like she was entering a castle.

And all this for $2? Winner!

After a big breakfast, we got started with the long awaited paper dress...measuring and cutting, taping and decorating.

Although I told myself we’d never paint tissue paper again, amnesia struck...and I prepared a space for DeCelie to paint her own flower design on the white tissue bodice. Thankfully, Amnesia turned out to be a lovely friend. No rips this time. No eye twitches either. Exhale!

I accidentally attached the bodice to the skirt, upside down. Amnesia, you were supposed to be my friend.  
DeCelie was patient with me and decided it didn’t matter. Bless her heart.
Then once gloves were attached and glittered….(yes, we glittered AFTER attaching them to her arms.) was time for the catwalk.

I call it, Super-shero meets Princess Pretty…

Daughter in paper birthday dress #inspiredbymayhem

Daughter in paper birthday dress #inspiredbymayhem

Homemade pedicures followed. And lipstick, lots of lipstick.

DeCelie’s BFF, walked across the courtyard to join us for a living room matinee. After popcorn, the movie just played in the background, while they preferred to rough-house with the balloons.

Grandma came bearing gifts. The girls put on an impromptu theater production for us, some sort of musical about a dog show...their most obscure yet.

And Daddy came home early from work with her favorite restaurant food in tow.

To top it off, after dinner, DeCelie and I went on a special one-on-one adventure to find some birthday cake. I didn’t know where to go so I just planned to drive until I found the word, “Delicious” or “Cake” somewhere in big bold letters. “The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory” were even better words, so we parked.

It just so happened we arrived right as they were making a batch of fudge. Apparently, this live demonstration is something they do every week at that very hour. Lucky us!  We watched amused and then ordered our goodies and lined up to pay. But, um..hmmm...

“Sorry…” I told the cashier as I patted all my pockets frantically.

“Wait, just a sec.”

I started sweating.

“Oh boy.” (nervous laughter).

(slow blink)

Amnesia, was not a lovely friend.

After driving back for my wallet and then driving back to the factory, we arrived home - this time with some goodies and a non-traditional chocolate-covered, cheesecake-on-a-stick for the birthday girl.

Now it was time for the "make a wish and blow out the candles" tradition.
Couldn't miss it.

But I forgot the birthday candles…

So we lit a household votive instead.
And sang the birthday song.

DeCelie fluttered her eyes shut
and made a wish.

She narrowed her lips
and blew out the candle.

Then we showed Daddy the paper dress.

The one with the purple gloves,
a pink stripe down the middle,  
and flowers on the top.

I did a lot of forgetting that day.
But this...“No baby, I won’t forget.”




P.S. Two take away tips: 1. Spread your kiddo's birthday budget over a day of fun that you'll both enjoy.
And...2. Do not call amnesia your friend.