To The Weary Momma:

To the Weary Momma,

I see you there, sister. I see you slouched over nursing that adorable baby of yours trying to connect with adults through this wide web screen. Your hair’s a mess, girlfriend...and those bags under your eyes, I see their weighin’ heavy.

But girl - you’re beautiful.

You know your baby’s tears - the gassy wailing and the midnight flailing. You have soothed him. Fed him. Rocked him. Changed him. You have labored along through those long napless days. You have trudged on tripping through those tripping sleepless nights. You are worn. You’re body aches. You had no idea it would be this tough.

But girl - you’re tougher.

You feel so alone. And in the loneliness, the tempter gossips in your ear speaking lies about who you are and how you are doing. He seeks to spin you into restless worry and spiral you down into frightened furies. He schemes to fret you up in super-mommy-striving and throw you down in martyr-complex-judging. When you fall, he scorns and scoffs. He tempts. Then he accuses. Accuses. And then he tempts.

But girl - you’re an overcomer.

You are learning.
You are growing.
You are re-finding where your help comes from...

Step by step, from strength to strength, and glory to glory...
You are learning to lean on your Helper.

Peace be with all the tired mommas tonight...

When the mirror mocks and you feel like joining, the Helper reflects Jesus: the perfect image-of God-bearer. You see that blinding see Him there deep inside you, working a brilliant masterpiece through all of this. Yes, He is working all these pieces into something beautiful - in you and through you. 

When the crying is too loud and the sleeping is not enough, the Helper whispers, “But Christ is enough”. And His enough is louder. So you call on Him...“Lord, I need You to be all that You are in this, right here where I am...right here in my hurting and tired heart, body and soul. Your mercies are a geyser. Your lavish love never runs out, there is nothing too big...or too small for You. So Helper, help me see Jesus is more than enough for me.”

When the loneliness tempts you to despair, the Helper is right there to usher you to hope. He never left. He never will. He always will be with you. It’s a promise to all who have believed on Christ. So you draw near, “Helper, silence the tempters lips. Mute his accusations. Soothe me as I soothe my baby’s cry. Please feed me as I feed his insatiable appetite. Steady Rock of Ages, rock me as I rock his body tonight. And Lord, change me...change me as I change his diapers.”

Dear Weary Momma, I hear your prayers. And now I join you...

“Thank You Father for sending Your Son - God with us...and that through Your Son, You sent the Helper to live in us. You remain in us. Let us remain here in You. Step by step, from strength to strength, and
from glory to glory...may we strand strong in Your strength. In your grace. In your hope. In your peace. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Sister, I see you there.
You are looking more and more like your Savior through all this....

And girl - in you, He's a sight to behold.

Peace be with you,